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Infertility Services In Atlanta

My Connection to Infertility Counseling

I do not typically indulge in self-disclosure when it comes to my work, but in this case, with this work, I think it is important.  When it comes to struggling with infertility and the heartache, confusion, pain, loss, and 100 other emotions that are tied into it, I think sharing a piece of my story is helpful. 

I went through those monthly "rollercoaster" of emotions = planning-hoping-imagining-disappointment/sadness-loss-anger. and then started it all over again...for years.  The desire to build a family was so strong and ever-present in my daily life, and the process to achieve my (our) dream was complex, hard, painful, unfair and confusing.  There was also a lot of love and support and learning that came from talking with loved ones, seeking supports, and learning about grace, compassion, grief and what I needed to be WHOLE for the journey. 


I am deeply invested in supporting those of you who are thinking about or in the midst of trying to realize your dream of Family.  If you are reading this, chances are the road you planned on has thrown up unexpected detours or dead-ends.  I am here to help you navigate the myriad of choices and emotions that come with this journey and help you identify your best path, and grieve past endeavors.  

Preconception Counseling

If you are contemplating pregnancy, this is the best time to be your best physical and emotional self.  We can work on stress-management, relaxation techniques/meditations, and address questions pertaining to mood state.


For some women, pregnancy can ellicit conflicting and unexpected emotions, this can be isolating, confusing, and upsetting.  Seeking support to help manage those emotions earlier can mitigate chances of post-partum issues.

Infertility Counseling/Consultation

Infertility can be devestating and isolating and can impact one's self-image, effect  relationships, and is emotional as well as physical.  I offer education, coping strategies, support and understanding.  I also conduct 60-90 minspecialized Pre-IVF Consultation meetings as recommended by Infertility medical clinics.


After having a baby there is the expectation one should be overcome with love and joy for this little being...this is not always the case.  When your feelings differ from your expectations, it can be alarming/upsetting/confusing/shaming/isolating.  You can experience intrusive thoughts, depressed mood or anxiety/excessive worry about the baby, and disconnection.  Therapy can help and I can work with you by identifying what is going on and working with you to feel like yourself again. 

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