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Novo Psychotherapy

Novo Psychotherapy is a unique, boutique  practice offering specialized mental health services .  We are specifically designed to be a small practice so that we can provide the highest quality, individualized care to our clients.   We offer short and long term therapy options, we possess a network of complimentary provides and make referrals as needed, and we collaborate to provide consistent, complementary care. 


When people talk about "healing," they think about  'getting better' or returning to baseline.  Healing can be so much more; healing can be transformative and growing beyond where you have ever been.   ~Shubha Swamy, LPC

Certifications & Memberships:

- Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

- Level I & II EMDR trained

- Level I & II Advanced Infertility Courses

- Certified Professional Counseling Supervisor

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