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What We Do


Individual counseling is a highly specialized relationship created between client and counselor.  If this is your first time seeking counseling and are unsure about the process and what to expect, here are a few thoughts about the process. 


Your role as the client is to inform your therapist, what it is that may be troubling you: (for example)

  • if there are some elements in your life that are not going as well as you would like (e.g. how you communicate your needs/feelings to others 

  • a lack of drive; difficulty with negative thoughts about self and life), and what you hope to achieve from coming to counseling. 

  • Not feeling like self; emotions are high/variable/flat

Your goals are what shape the therapeutic process, and your therapist will keep in mind your needs and challenges and use that to help navigate the process and sessions together.  The process of therapy or psychotherapy is a joined effort between you and your therapist; you are working together to get you closer to your goals.  You are the expert when it comes to you, and your therapist brings theoretical frameworks, skills, education, and resources that will best serve you in your endeavors


Individual counseling typically lasts 45-55 minutes and initially you meet weekly to establish rapport, but then it is up to you and your therapist to decide the spacing and pacing of your work together. 

Novo offers Tele-Mental Health services via the HIPPA compliant platform, Doxy Me.  Please use this link when you have a tele mental health appointment scheduled:  ​

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