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What We Do


Group counseling typically has a theme or shared focus, such as support groups for a certain issue or therapy group focusing on Parenting Skills or Teen-Coping Skills or Grief/Loss Processing, etc.   A therapist will usually have a brief meeting with individuals who are interested in the group, prior to the beginning, to ensure it will be a good match.  Some times groups, usually Support groups,  are open, in which members can attend at their will. Other times, in therapy-groups, there is usually a commitment asked of members, so that trust and group cohesiveness can be achieved. 


Currently, Novo Psychotherapy is not offering any support groups at its Marietta location.  Shubha Swamy, LPC, is co-leading a FREE, and OPEN TO ALL support group for those going through Infertility through the Jewish Fertility Foundation.  Please click here to learn more about this support group.

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