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What We Do



Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety can be complicated, surprising and all-consuming.  Anxiety can impact the mind when you feel like your mind is getting swept up in a whirpool of worry, fear, and you cannot imagine a way out of the vortex of troubling 'what-if' thoughts.  Anxiety can also impact the body.  We can feel it in our gut, out chest, our breath, tension in our muscles and face. 

There are moments when anxiety or small amounts of stress can be motivating and drive us in positive ways.  Most of the time, however, anxiety pulls us off course and derails our best intentions and colors our perspective in fear and loss of control.  Being mindful of how our thoughts and bodily sensations are being triggered is a key factor in identifying the presence of anxiety.  Once you can begin to notice your anxiety-triggers, and how it impacts your mind & body, your therapist can teach you ways to combat and reduce the negative impact it is having in your life.  There are different ways to address anxiety in your life and our therapists are trained in Cognitive-Behavioral, Mindfulness, Crisis-stabilization, and Clinical Hypnotherapy, to name a few.  

Depression Treatment

Depression can feel like 'invasion of the body/mind snatchers.'  It can be insidious; it can sneak into your thoughts, color your perspective with more gray and shadows, and slowly shift how you interact with others, how you live your life, and taint how you see yourself.  One of the facets that makes living with depression so difficult is that it can't be seen and it is so hard to explain to others, if they have never been in your skin. 

Our clinicians understand that struggle what it feels like to be in the "hole."  Depression can feel very lonely and isolating, as if you are in a very dark hole and you don't know how or if you can climb out and see the light.  There is something uplifting to being understood; to knowing you are not alone.  There are ways to separate depression from who you are, and to understand it is something you are experiencing.  Our clinicians will work to support you, teach you different strategies to climb out of the hole, and help you better understand how to keep you from falling into too deep in the future.

Adjustment to Life Transitions

Adjustments are a part of life; we are constantly having to navigate changes in our jobs, school, home, family dynamics, and peer relations.  Even though change is a part of life, we all know that change can trigger stress, and sometimes that stress can be overwhelming and harmful. 

There is power and skill in understanding that we have a choice in how we approach change.  Therapy can help guide and teach you to establish a positive perspective and an inherent trust in your capacity to handle the changes that come your way. 

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